The Drunken Sailor Gift Pack -Chef's Selection

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The Drunken Sailor Canning Co. was created over a couple of bottles of wines on a winter's night in 2013. A combination of flavour and fun,  Drunken Sailor Canning Co. is about bringing a bit of humour to the table.

Small batch, Aussie made preserves are what we stir up at Drunken Sailor. We reckon made good, tastes good.

1 x 260g Stout & Chipotle Mustard, Exceptional with a medium-rare steak cooked over coals.

1 x 260g Smokey Chipotle Honey, “IF YOU WANT AN EXPERIENCE TRY THIS”

1 x 260g Jalapeno & Tequila Relish, The perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Goes well with burgers, hotdogs, nachos, and tacos. Add to mayonnaise for the perfect sandwich spread.

1 x 260g Beetroot & Gin Relish,  chuck this relish on a burger or steak sandwich to liven things up.

1 x 260g Pear, Vanilla & Whisky Jam Best enjoyed on warm waffles and ice cream or on a cheeseboard.

1 x 260g Pineapple, Coconut & Rum Jam, Best enjoyed on warm pancakes with ice cream. Perfect as a ham glaze for that hot Aussie Christmas.