" In the Groove" Hawkesbury Ginger Beer - Yowie - Alcohol

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5 x Hawkesbury Brewing Co Ginger Yowie

Flavoured with genuine Buderim ginger and low in sugar, the Ginger Yowie is a sessionable ginger beer to be enjoyed all year round.

Catch one today!

  • ABV: 4%
  • Available in: 500ml and 375ml can, on tap.
  • Low calorie
  • 67% less sugar than leading competitor
  • Naturally brewed on a beer base

1 x 125g Whisk & Pin Spiced Nuts

Whisk & Pin is proud to bring you this deliciously more-ish snack made from freshly- roasted Australian nuts and aromatic spices.

Munch on our nuts during Happy Hour or any time you’re feeling peckish. Toss some through a salad or grab a handful for the ultimate healthy snack.

1 x 110g Tar 10 Best British Hot Mustard

A traditional hot English mustard to serve with roast beef and barbequed meats.

1 x 110g Tar 10 Dijon Mustard with French Tarragon

A Dijon mustard blended with French tarragon to serve with steak, roast pork, chicken and barbequed meats

1 x 110g Tar 10 Seed Mustard with Sundried Tomato 

A wholegrain mustard flavoured with sun dried tomato to serve with barbequed meats and chicken

Complimentary Gift Box, Ribbon & Card