Gourmet Snacks Hamper

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1 x  Wow bites , Amazing product , light crispy . WOW Bites are hand made and stone oven baked

1 x Grandmas Tradional 200gm pudding and Brandy Sauce Gift Pack 

1 x Pukura CASHEW AND ROAST ONION DUKKAH 100GM - Flavoursome with a hint of sweetness from the roasted onions, this dukkah is sure to please. Tumeric gives this dukkah a wonderful colour and flavour.

1 x Vine Dried Muscatels -Sweet, aromatic grapes dried on the vine- a perfect complement to both sweet and savoury foods.

1 x box chaocate with 4 trufles 

1 x Christmas gift , card 

gift boxed 

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