"Sparkling Rose and Choc Coated Fresh Strawberries" ( please see contents note)

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2 x Crystal Glasses

8 X Choc Coated Fresh Strawberries ( two day turnaround on Strawberries as we make them fresh) Replace with Hand Made truffles if you would like the order next day >

1 x Hugh Hamilton Sparling Rose The DQ’s perfume reminds us of rose petals and crushed strawberry with a hint of brioche. She shows her class with a creamy and vibrant mousse. Clean, fresh strawberries are enhanced by the subtle yeasty brioche flavour.

Winemakers Note:

Every winery needs an attention seeking, exaggerated, overly emotional, dramatic diva. Sometimes it’s the winemaker, sometimes the boss, or sometimes a family member! Fortunately not here, so we had to create one.’