Amazing Maharaja Lord & Lion Spice Box Hamper

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The Lord and Lion Indian Spice Box

This Indian spice box is named Maharaja, or ‘Great King’ after the luxurious palaces, temples, and elaborate architecture of India. And, as you cook with the mix of Indian curry spices and other rare Indian spices in this set, you’ll get a sense of that same decadence in your own home.

The Indian spices in this gift box have been carefully curated and sourced from local farms, ensuring the highest quality and best flavour possible.

These handmade Spice Boxes are unique and unlike any gift they may have received before. They are simply magnificent and immediately carry the recipient away to far-flung destinations from the second they receive them. The perfect gift for someone to enjoy on their own or with their family, these Spice Boxes draw children in to the entire experience also.

Each Indian Spice Box includes:

 1 x Quills of organic Ceylon Cinnamon (highest grade available globally)

1 x Ground Amchur, Ground Asafoetida (Hing)

1 x Whole Cardamom, Whole Cloves

1 x Coriander Powder, Cumin Seeds

1 x Fennel Seeds, Ground Garam Masala

1 x Kashmiri Chilli, Star Anise

1 x Ground Turmeric, a Gold Spice Spoon

1 x Lord & Lion’s Signature Logo Cotton Tea Towel

 5 x beautifully designed and simple-to-follow Signature Recipe Cards (To ensure our Indian Spice Box helps you re-create the finest of Indian cuisine and culture in the comfort of your kitchen)

These Indian spices and products were designed to be used by beginners and experienced chefs alike. The Maharaja Gift Box is perfect for anyone with a strong sense of wanderlust or those who simply love to bring friends and family together over an incredible meal.

Gift Boxed and gift card, and ribbon