Gorgeous Girls Easter Hamper

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Super cute hamper to say Happy Easter. This hamper is contains: 

- Jiggle and Giggle embroided towel set

- Nana Huchy Miss Lily Blue and Baby Lily Blue doll set

Established in 2003, Melbourne-based Nana Huchy curates classic toys, gifts & baby blankets made from beautifully soft materials & produced with superior quality – a nod to Nana & the things she used to craft. Made with love, the goal is always to encourage imagination & of course, to make memories for a long time to come.

After weeks of posing & pouting, Miss Lily seems to have arrived at a 'look' she's happy with. Just check out those eyes, as hypnotic as the deep blue sea, complete with an appropriately-coloured outfit. She read somewhere that supermodels are often discovered at shopping malls so she's always up for a grocery run, but is equally as happy at home with a loving play pal.
Miss Lily - 38cm
Baby Lily - 25cm

- ChocoMama freckly bunny